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​Lark Defined:

​lark|lärk| noun: something done for fun; an adventure or escapade

At Lark Tours we focus solely on offering private luxury custom vacations and group tours throughout the world.  Our concept is simple: your travel should be just that - it should be yours. The best travel, cruises and sarfaris are the ones made just for you and your traveling companions. 

While most companies present a number of set itineraries with scheduled departure dates, thus forcing you to fit within their framework, we do that but we also take a very different approach to private travel. We offer vacation itineraries that can be personalized and tailor-made to perfectly fit your interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a family, a group of friends, an organization, or some combination thereof, we will put together a trip that fits everybody’s desires and departs when you want! 

The real beauty of private travel is having flexibility during your vacation. Because you have your own expert guides with private vehicles, you are free to make changes on a whim. Perhaps you want to linger a while and soak in the endless vistas on the Serengeti or a coastal sunset? Or perhaps you decide that the evening would be best spent with a glass of wine, watching as the sun dips below the horizon? Then by all means, please do this and more! There is no bus to catch, no rigid schedule to follow, and no large group with competing demands. This is your vacation with your own private guides who are there each step of the way to ensure you have the perfect experience.

Private luxury travel is also about receiving the best service available, which includes incredible attention to detail, help with every facet of your vacation, and unsurpassed expertise. We deliver all this and more. Our staff and guides are some of the best in the industry and we all follow one simple rule: you are our most important priority. We will do absolutely whatever it takes to ensure you have the easiest, most satisfying vacation experience to date.

Your tour should be simply spectacular. To truly experience this world and its beauty on an intimate level, in a way that is sure to impact some part of your being, we firmly believe that luxurious private journeys are an absolute must at some point in one's life. Only by delving into Africa, Asia or Europe in a manner that only private travel makes possible, will you breathe in its vibrant essence and return home with a small piece of your soul connected to its magical wilds. 

Our vacations are luxurious, our experiences are rare and exclusive, and our focus is fun, relaxation, and immersion in the country of your choice.