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Since our start in 2005, we have been bringing fresh energy to the world of travel with our innovative approach. Read more 


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​lark|lärk| noun: something done for fun; an adventure or escapade

Company background

At Lark Tours we take an uncommon approach to travel, one that is unique to our industry: we focus solely on private and group luxury worldwide vacations. Since our start in 2005, we have been bringing fresh energy to the world of travel with our innovative approach, and in the process, we have redefined what it means to have an unforgettable vacation experience. 

Our belief is that travel is best experienced in private groups where we are able to take the time to enjoy and absorb our surroundings. We prefer a hands-on, intimate setting where we can interact with locals, learn about the regions' history and culture at our own pace, and fully delight in all the beauty and history that the world has to offer. Run-of-the-mill hotels and large buses with window watching tours are never on our agenda. Our accommodations, which include upscale hotels, private villas, quaint guesthouses, and premier safari lodges, are all handpicked for their comfort and luxury. We carefully select all our activities, restaurants, and even travel routes in order to provide you with in-depth, engaging experiences. Our goal is to return you back home feeling enlightened, inspired, and above all else, satisfied. 

There is no denying that our approach requires a hefty amount of first-hand experience, expertise, and knowledge. Add to that the fact that some of the places we travel are especially challenging destinations because of inaccessibility and lags in technology. The goods news is that not only do we love what we do, but we also happen to be particularly good at it. We have delved deep into most of the countries of the world and we have a great deal of first-hand experience. Everybody who works for us has extensive personal knowledge, either from having lived or traveled in every worldwide location we serve. We've eaten the food, slept in the beds and seen the sights.

In addition to being experienced with all the intricacies of travel, we are also positioned to meet the needs and desires of the American globe-trotter. Our head office is located in the U.S., making it very easy for you to call or email us any time. You will have many questions to resolve throughout the planning process, which means you need to be able to communicate with your travel company effectively. It is extremely frustrating dealing with companies located overseas,  where there is a 6-8 hour time difference. It also means that we are bound by U.S. rules and regulations and it is easy for you to check our credentials. We are your eyes and ears and we are here to serve you before, during and after your trip.

We steer clear of high-volume, mass-market tourism and instead we focus on offering the highest levels of personalized service for you, the discerning traveler. We promise helpful, highly responsive service every step of the way, intimate care, and incredible attention to detail from beginning to end. In addition, we are a tour operator, not just a travel agency. Because we are a tour operator, in many cases we are the company planning and operating your vacation. This means we have direct oversight over each and every trip in order to ensure that it operates according to our high quality standards, that it meets all your expectations, and most importantly, that you are kept safe throughout your journey. Moreover, we go far above and beyond what most people expect from a tour operator by using a full service approach. This means that in addition to ensuring every tiny detail of your trip is flawlessly planned and executed, we are also available to help you with any details related to your vacation. This includes complimentary flight arrangements, providing you with all the necessary information you need to prepare for your trip, purchasing travel insurance, and briefing you about what to expect each step of the way. Our full-service approach, along with our attention to every detail, ensures a relaxing and stress-free experience from the moment you contact us to the day you arrive home.

At Lark Tours we strive to provide you with a one-of-a-kind travel experience - world travel is our love and passion and it gives us great pleasure to share it with you.