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​lark|lärk| noun: something done for fun; an adventure or escapade

What exactly does private travel mean?
Private travel means that from beginning to end, your vacation revolves solely around your desires, not the competing demands of a large group. We begin by creating an itinerary that perfectly meets your preferences, needs, and schedule. Then during your vacation we provide you with private guides throughout, which means you can make changes on a whim, dictate the pace of your tour, and make stops whenever you please. There is no rigid schedule, no bus to catch, and no large group – a private vacation means you have a lot of flexibility and control.

How many people are in each of your travel groups?
Since many of our vacations are for private groups, the size depends on what you want. Private group sizes can range from a single traveler all the way up to an entire office – it is all up to you. Group trip sizes depend on the trip. River cruises can be up to 180 people but most groups are from 8 to 20 in number.

Does Lark Tours offer group trips where I can join other travelers?
Yes. even though our specialty is private travel travelers can save money by joining others of like mind and that enjoy traveling and seeing the world.

What if I want to go on one of your trips but I am single traveler?
We will be more than happy to put together a private itinerary for you or assist you in joining a group. 

Why are there no trip departure dates posted on the website?
At Lark Tours we do offer specific dates for vacation departures but on our private travel option you will have a lot of flexibility in scheduling. 

What if I do not see what I’m looking for on your website?
We host thousands of destinations, hotels, safari lodges, and events, which means we cannot feature everything on our website. That being said, we are very familiar with every place we travel and we likely already have expertise on what you are looking for. Once we speak with you, we will be able to make recommendations and arrange your dream vacation. 

What if I am looking for an experience that is more rugged?
There are some experience in Africa that require going into regions where luxury is not an option. For example, when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or exploring the far reaches of northern Namibia, rugged accommodations are a must. Our expertise covers these outings and more. Give us a call today in order to discus your idea, and we will let you know whether that is within our realm of expertise.

Is it possible to arrange a vacation that focuses on a specific interest?
We can easily arrange a trip centered on any interest such as sports, shopping, safaris, history, golf, food, theater, surfing, hunting, cultural and humanitarian interests, wine, and many more. Regardless of your interests, we have the expertise to arrange your dream vacation. The sky is the limit!

Can you arrange my honeymoon?
Honeymoons are one of our specialties. Lark Tours has an abundance of incredibly romantic destinations, making it a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon. In addition, on each honeymoon we include all sorts of special perks, such as romantic dinners and spa treatments. We can also create a honeymoon registry so that friends and family can contribute to your trip.

We are celebrating a special occasion. Can you arrange something special for us?
We will be more than happy to plan memorable activities to celebrate your occasion. Be sure to let us know and we will offer you a number of fabulous suggestions. 

Can the tours featured on your website be changed?
Absolutely! Though some trips featured on our website are booked as is, more often than not they are used as a starting point for creating personalized itineraries. Ultimately the trips on our website are simply intended to spark ideas and showcase some of our capabilities. 

What if I want to build an itinerary from scratch? 
This is the beauty of private travel and it is exactly what we do on a regular basis at Lark Tours. Not only that, but we are good at doing so! A large percentage of our private vacations are built from scratch, completely tailor-made to meet our clients’ unique preferences. 

What is the general trip booking process?
Once we have spoken with you and understand just what you are looking for, we put together an itinerary proposal (or two or three) to meet your exact preferences. If you like what we have to offer, then you can book the trip. You never pay any money until we come up with an itinerary you like and you are ready to make the booking.

Does Lark Tours charge any fees for creating private itineraries?
No, we do not. Whether you want to personalize an existing itinerary or have us create your own, we do not charge any retainer fees or add extra costs.

Is a private trip more expensive than the equivalent group trip?
The answer is, for the most part, no. With luxury travel, there are no major shared costs for things such as bus rentals and gas. For the most part, everything is priced on a per person basis. Seats on the flights between safari camps are per person, rooms at hotels are per person or per room, activities are priced on a per person basis, etc. In short, there is no real price advantage to traveling with a group on a luxury vacation. Perhaps you are still not convinced? Feel free to compare the prices of trips featured on our website to other similar group trips from other companies. Better yet, have us put together a personalized itinerary for you and your group and shop it against the same itinerary from other companies.

What exactly does “luxury” entail?
Luxury means different things for different people. For some, luxury is a Mercedes. For others, luxury is a Ferrari. Whatever your definition of luxury may be, we have the knowledge, expertise, and know-how to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Is Lark Tours a travel agency or a tour operator?
Lark Tours is a tour operator and travel concierge. We arrange and conduct comprehensive tours that include transfers, accommodations, activities, guides, meals, and much more. As a tour concierge, we work with travel agents, corporate travel planners, and directly with travelers themselves.

Do you work with travel agents?
Absolutely. We currently work with many travel agents and we are always happy to meet new agents. If you are a travel agent who is interested in working with us, contact us today or join our Travel Agent Commission Program.

Do you work with clients outside the US?
Yes, certainly.

Is Lark Tours accredited by travel associations?
Yes, for more information see our credentials page

What is included in my Lark Tours vacation?
Ultimately, this is up to you since we create private itineraries. But generally we include all meals, all accommodations, all activity/entry fees, park fees, complimentary flight arrangements, ground transportation, and comprehensive travel insurance, just to name a few things. We make it a policy to avoid hidden costs that show up after the trip has been booked. We want to be as up-front as possible and make your vacation with Lark Tours fun and stress-free.  

Is international airfare included in the price of the trips that are featured on your website?
Not normally. Where airfare is included, it will be indicated.  Flight prices vary greatly depending on when you travel, when you book your airline tickets, where you are departing from, and so on. Instead, once we begin working on an itinerary for you and you group, we will include flight pricing as a separate line item, if need be.

What about flights within my target destination (say Europe or Africa)? Are those included in the price of your featured trips?
Some flights, especially to and from remote safari lodges where prices do not fluctuate, are included. But remember, every itinerary is tailor-made and/or personalized on a group-by-group basis. We will clearly outline what is and what is not being included as it pertains to flights.

Will I have to book my own flights?
Even though flight prices may not be included as a part of the trip price, we will still be happy to take care of all flight bookings for you. Whether you are using airline points or would like to layover in Europe en route to Africa (for example), we will gladly take care of all your flight arrangements. Our complimentary flight booking services are available to help make your trip preparations as smooth and worry free as possible.
Will Lark Tours help me prepare for my vacation? 
Yes, we will help you fully prepare for your vacation. We go far above and beyond what most people expect from a tour operator by using a full service approach. This means that in addition to ensuring every tiny detail of your trip is flawlessly planned and executed, we are also available to help you with any details related to your vacation. This includes complimentary flight arrangements, providing you with all the necessary information you need to prepare for your trip, purchasing travel insurance, and briefing you about what to expect each step of the way. Our full-service approach, along with our attention to every detail, ensures a relaxing and stress-free experience from the moment you contact us to the day you arrive home from Africa.

Do you send me information about visas, immunizations, etc after I book one of your trips?
For each vacation we always send guests a welcome packet full of all the important information necessary to prepare for a vacation in Africa and some other destinations. This includes things like passport/visa requirements, immunizations, what to expect, what to pack, important phone numbers, recommended reading lists, and much, much more. We even review this information with you on the phone, to ensure you are well prepared before departure.

Will you arrange all my visas? 
We will absolutely do anything we can to help, including sending you the appropriate applications and information, but generally you have to fill out the forms yourself since signatures, along with your actual passport, are often required. Do note that there are some visas (such as the visa for Zimbabwe) that are not worth purchasing ahead of time since it is must easier to purchase them at your point of entry into the country. Our knowledgeable travel specialists will be glad to assist you with all necessary visa information.

What kind of weather can I expect?
Africa, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, much like the U.S., have quite a variety of weather depending on the time of year you travel as well as where you visit. For example, the Cape Peninsula has a Mediterranean climate. Here is where you will find the winelands and Cape Town. In parts of South Africa and Namibia there are regions of desert. There are other areas, such as northeast South Africa and eastern Mozambique, which are semi-tropical. Tanzania, in contrast, is located just south of the Equator, which means there are no major changes in temperature, except in the highlands. Here weather variations at each location have to do with the rainy season and altitude. All this to say, the weather varies greatly so before you embark on a trip with us we will advise you on the appropriate clothing to bring. Do keep in mind the seasons in the Southern hemisphere are opposite of the seasons in the U.S. Christmas is in the middle of the summer. 

For current, detailed weather information in any region of the world visit the BBC World Weather Center and Weatherbase. Also, be sure to check out our article When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Africa? 

Will I encounter language barriers?
Most people in other parts of the world speak some level of English. Even for those who may only have a slight understanding of the English language, they still love practicing with visitors. 

Are you the company who will actually operate my tour?
In some cases yes, because we are a tour operator, and not a travel agency, in many cases we are actually the company operating your vacation. 

Will I have the same guide throughout my trip?
This depends totally on the trip you book and the degree to which you customize your tour.