Italy's Amalfi Coast Caravan

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For more than 20 years, we’ve seen large groups of travelers tour Europe in buses. But we  noticed that there’s a sector of travelers who want to tour more independently and there were no agencies that offered this service. Our CLASSIC and SOFT Caravans include a CaravanConcierge (tour leader) from arrival to departure, a daily preprogramed GPS and a prepaid cell phone to reach the CaravanConcierge at any time. We tour with a minimum of eight and a maximum of twenty travelers.

So, we’ve moved away from the  traditional bus tours by giving everyone their own car to use while exploring the country. Prior to departure, travelers receive a Road Book with all the applicable information of your destination, including maps, GPS coordinates of each and every place you visit, service vouchers, and driving details for the destination.

But don’t worry, we still provide our travelers with all the necessary safety features like pre-paid cell phones, a programmed GPS and even some travel books.

At Lark Tours your Amalfi Coast Convertible Caravan, gives you the flexibility to see, smell, touch, hear and taste the sights in Europe for yourself will create a more memorable and luxurious experience.

There is a totally different experience of Italy that awaits. A guided, but flexible to your personal itinerary, group car caravan. Italy is just a bit larger than Arizona and a stunning destination for history buffs, culture fans, art aficionados, adventure seekers and sport enthusiast, romantic souls, food and wine lovers and those just seeking pure, awe inspiring natural beauty and life lived to its fullest.

A vibrant and passionate country Italy is exemplary of everything at its best. A parade of century old traditions, priceless awe inspiring art, soul rendering music, profound literature, all dished up with a cuisine hailed the world over as an all time favorite. Known as a living art gallery from Renaissance to Gothic, to the most modern art and architecture, it’s a land of diversity.

Italy is the land of Dolce Vita- the “Sweet Life”. It’s the majestic snow capped Alps rising from glacial lakes embellished with picture postcard villages. It’s the gentle sun kissed rolling hills of Tuscany unchanged since medieval times, seasoned with monumental castles, churches and hilltop fortresses, a gentle symphony of flavors, scents, aromas and some of the most famous wine routes of the world. It’s the Amalfi coast with sherbet colored villages; geranium scented streets and terraced cliffs perfumed with lemons that plunge into a sparkling deep blue sea. It’s Sicily, a land of myths and history the crown jewel of the Mediterranean and a monumental center of the ancient world.

It’s major cities shine like stars in a constellation …Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican City, all unmatchable and treasured by all.

Day 1: Naples – Sorrento (30 miles) Arrive at the Naples Airport. Your MyWAY Concierge will be waiting with ample time and a smile to help you to get everything settled. Collect all your last-minute inside secrets on this beautiful route, and then off you go around the Bay of Naples to the Sorrentine peninsula, a unique piece of land kissed by the sun and one of Italy’s most beautiful drives- the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento with its groves of oranges and lemons sits precariously on the side of a cliff with amazing views out over the sea. Overnight: Sorrento.

Day 2: Sorrento – Capri With your car safely parked for the night, board the fast ferry and off you go to an alluring island of romance, dramatic views and vivid blue watersthe Isle of Capri! An island that for centuries has attracted artist, writers and celebrities to partake in its celebrative beauty. Overnight: Capri.

Day 3: Capri – Sorrento – Positano (11 miles) Experience firsthand the incredible light of the Blue Grotto before returning to Sorrento. Pick up your car and make your way along Amalfi’s least developed stretch to Positano, a haven of sun-bleached pastel houses embracing the terraced cliffs. Overnight: Positano.

Day 4: Positano – Ravello – Positano (30 miles) Winding cobblestone streets of medieval villages with fragrant gardens and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean are all on today’s menu. Take in the local color and postcard piazza’s of Atrani and Ravello along with its villas exquisite formal gardens and picture-perfect views. Overnight: Positano.

Day 5: Positano – Amalfi – Pompeii – Naples (54 miles) Take your time and enjoy the beauty along the final leg of the Amalfi coast. Drive via Amalfi, the ancient coastal warrior queen, a small town rich in history and traditions. Then turn inland to Pompeii where everyday life and history remained buried for over 1,700 years. Savor the buzz of vibrant Naples with all it colors, sounds, stony streets and Sophia Loren, also home to the Bourbon Kings with their castles and churches. Stroll though 2,000 years of rich history. Take time out to enjoy a variety of Naples gastronomical delights, there’s more than just pizza! Overnight: Naples.

Day 6: Naples – Rome (151 miles) The royal residence of the Bourbon Kings of Naples is the colossal Palazzo Reale and one of the last monumental achievements of Italian Baroque architecture. Return your car to the Avis counter at the Rome airport and transfer into a city that spans over 2,500 years of formidable history - an empire that introduced us to paved roads, aqueducts and thermal baths. Overnight: Rome.

Day 7: Rome Enjoy a day discovering all the highlights of Rome, the Italian capital. Follow the footsteps of Caesar and the devoted, from the crumbling Coliseum to the Roman Forum and then onto the Vatican city, the heart of the Catholic church and many of the greatest cultural treasures ever created by man: the halls of Raphael, the Sistine Chapel and of course St. Peter’s Basilica. Overnight: Rome.

Day 8: Rome – Departure The ride back to the airport is always too short, bringing to an end a fabulous vacation experience. Your memories are packed and the bags are checked. “Arriverderci” to the AMORE AMALFI Road- MyWAY!