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Empires of the Mediterranean 

Ten days. Nine magnificent destinations. One epic journey with memories that last a lifetime. Cruise through the Adriatic and Aegean, where each day and night has been created to bring you all the riches of this fabled region. On an exploration bookended by the iconic cities of Venice and Athens, you will discover the ancient ruins of Olympia and the Acropolis. Explore the medieval warrens of Zadar, Dubrovnik and Kotor. Delight in the beauty of Corfu. And for the first time, Viking takes you to Koper for an in-depth exploration of picturesque Slovenia.

Iconic Western Mediterranean 

France’s famed southern coast and Italy’s Renaissance treasures take center stage on this 8-day Mediterranean sojourn between Barcelona and Rome. Immerse yourself in Catalonian and Tuscan art, architecture and history during overnights in Barcelona and Tuscany. In the South of France, call on Marseille, France’s oldest city, jet-setting St. Tropez and Monte Carlo, Monaco’s glamorous city by the sea.

Southern Mediterranean Discovery

Cruise into the southern Mediterranean during this enriching itinerary. You’ll have time to discover Rome, the former seat of empire. Visit two of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and culturally rich islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Uncover the mysteries of ancient Carthage in Tunis and the magnificent whitewashed Casbah of Algiers. Spanish splendor greets you in historic Valencia and in Barcelona, the vibrant Catalonian capital.

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​The storied Mediterranean region comes to life as you travel along the South of France with stops in Toulon and Monte Carlo and on to timeless Tuscany. Continue your Mediterranean exploration with stops in Rome, Venice, and Athens. Explore the legends and landmarks, the culture and destinations that make Europe one of the most intriguing continents of the world.​

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