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Mississippi River 

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                                                       Day-By-Day Itinerary

                                                                                 Day 1
                                                                                 New Orleans, LA

                                                                                 [Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Mississippi River cruises] New Orleans is commonly                                                                                  referred to as the Birthplace of Jazz. There is something for everyone with this city’s                                                                                          history, culture and arts prevalent around every corner. The open air artist colony                                                                                              proudly displays local artist’s works on the iron fence in Jackson Square, while the city’s                                                                                    45 museums carefully preserve the city’s rich history. Consider staying an extra day or                                                                                      night to enjoy this lively city. 

                                                                                  Day 2
                                                                                  Oak Alley, LA

                                                                                  [Oak Alley Plantation] Once serving as an antebellum sugar cane plantation, Oak Alley                                                                                     Plantation is rightfully named after its most distinguishing feature, a canopy of 300                                                                                           year old oak trees that form a quarter-mile path leading to the Mississippi River.                                                                                                 Restored to its 19th Century grandeur, this classic Greek revival-style antebellum                                                                                               mansion is purely breathtaking. 

Day 3
Houmas House, LA

[Houmas House] The historic Houmas House takes you back to the pre-Civil War era of stately mansions and expansive plantations. Featuring over 38 acres of lush gardens, ponds and ancient oak trees, this shore excursion is full of beauty and history. Enduring floods, war and the Great Depression, Houmas House underwent a renovation in 1940 and today offers a detailed look into the South’s legacy.

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Day 4
Baton Rouge, LA

[Old State Capital in Baton Rouge, LA on New Orleans to Memphis cruises] Known as the Red Stick, Baton Rouge is home to legendary Louisiana Cajun cuisine, fascinating plantation tours, and a variety of cultural attractions. Enjoy a grand tour of one of the most historic cities in the South. 
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Day 5
St. Francisville, LA

[Rosedown Plantation] Established in 1809 and overlooking the Mississippi River, St. Francisville is a quaint Southern town that offers a glimpse into history. One of the largest shipping ports on the Mississippi River prior to the Civil War, St. Francisville is a small town with grand appeal. Experience this town’s rich history as you tour historic plantations, including the famous Rosedown and The Myrtles, or explore the captivating gardens in this area.

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Day 6
Natchez, MS

[Natchez Belles on River Cruise] Overlooking the Mississippi River, Natchez was first established as a French fort site in 1716, later becoming part of the United States as the first capital of Mississippi in 1817. Perched 200 feet above the Mississippi River with 30-mile views, the bluff of Natchez is a place to marvel in the grandeur of the river. 

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Day 7
Vicksburg, MS

[Downtown Vicksburg tour on Mississippi River cruise shore excursion] Around every corner, U.S. history is alive in Vicksburg. This “Queen City of the Bluff” offers plenty of opportunities to take a step back in time. Civil war battlefields, century old churches, cotton fields, and restored train depots are just a few of the many intriguing landmarks that await your visit. Marvel in the beautiful antebellum-style homes and watch Vicksburg’s history come to life at the riverfront murals.

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Day 8
Greenville, MS

[Mississippi River] Known as the Heart & Soul of the Mississippi Delta, the city of Greenville offers visitors unique insight into traditional southern living. Enjoy a relaxing trip through the historic sites of the largest city in Mississippi including Cotton Row, the Mount Holly Plantation and the Weatherbee House.

Day 9
Memphis, TN

[Rock and Soul Sign Memphis] Excitement resonates as you reach America’s third-largest inland port, famous for blues, barbeque, and Elvis Presley's Graceland. The Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge creates a dramatic backdrop for it all. As you disembark, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of one of the mid-South's most remarkable cities.

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Day 10
New Madrid, MO

[cannon-on-display---columbus-state-park] Originally founded in 1776 by Spanish Governor Esteban Rodriguez, early settlers of New Madrid were required to become citizens of Spain in order to reside here. Today, New Madrid is a living monument to early American history with sites including the Kochtitsky Home and the Trail of Tears and Veterans Park. 

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Day 11
Cape Girardeau, MO

[Trail of Tears State Park] Enjoy the charming features of this historic town that was once a French trading post and lively river port in the late 1800s. Today it boasts Civil War sites and a tranquil setting commemorating the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Marvel at the outdoor murals reflecting the area's rich heritage and enjoy shore excursions to Cape River Heritage Museum and the Red House Interpretive Center. 
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Day 12
Chester, IL

[Mississippi Paddlewheel Riverboat]
Chester is a beautiful region of Illinois located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. This city has a diverse and storied history, beginning with the establishment of a ferry system by Jane Thomas in the early 1800s. Chester is home to Popeye's creator Elzie C. Segar and you may see the Sailor Man's likeness in the town's own six-foot-tall bronze metal statue. 

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Day 13
St. Louis, MO

[Gateway Arch on Upper Mississippi River Cruise] Reflect upon the role St. Louis played in the opening of the American frontier as you cruise past the famed Gateway Arch Riverfront, the tallest man-made monument in the U.S. Get settled in and acquainted at a festive cocktail event with a welcome from the captain. 
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Day 14
Day of River Cruising

[Mississippi Paddlewheel Riverboat Lounge] Grab a good book and curl up in one of our spacious lounges, or relax and enjoy the passing landscapes as we make our way along the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Hannibal.  

Day 15
Hannibal, MO

[Mark Twain's boyhood home in Hannibal, MO] Hannibal, “America’s Hometown,” is where you can rediscover adventures from Mark Twain’s era. Run your hand along Aunt Polly’s fence, explore Injun Joe’s Cave, and get reacquainted with one of the world’s most beloved authors. The downtown area is a haven for artisans and filled with unique shops. 

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Day 16
Day of River Cruising

[OnboardExp] Enjoy onboard experts sharing their knowledge of the history of the river and our nation as we cruise between the borders of Missouri and Iowa. 

Day 17
Davenport, IA

[Indian Riding Horeseback -John Hauber Indian Museum] Davenport is often described as a lively, active city with a hometown feel. This vibrant city features the Legacy of John Deere, the largest agricultural exhibit in the world. Music enthusiasts will enjoy Davenport’s many music festivals, including the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, The Mississippi Valley Fair, and the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, which is dedicated to native jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke.

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Day 18
Dubuque, IA

[Dubuque Lock and Dam on Upper Mississippi River Cruise] Dubuque is among the oldest settlements west of the Mississippi River. Take a ride on the Fenelon Place Elevator, the world’s shortest and steepest scenic railway or try your luck in one of Dubuque's state-of-the-art casinos. View colorful Victorian mansions, stroll through a whimsical downtown area, and visit the national Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

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Day 19
Day of River Cruising

[Upper Mississippi River in Lacrosse WI] Reflect on the incredible history you've experience so far on your cruise and get ready for the final leg of the trip, where we explore the Upper Mississippi River together.

Day 20
La Crosse, WI

[La-Crosse-Hixon-House-Pillow-Thompson-House-Helena] Step into 19th century America in La Crosse, located on the banks of three captivating rivers. La Crosse is home to Riverside Park, where you’ll enjoy beautiful gardens, an outdoor performance center, and inspiring sculptures. 
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Day 21
Red Wing, MN

[Bald Eagle] Nestled among the scenic bluffs of the upper Mississippi River, Red Wing's beauty has inspired artisans, craftspeople and artists for over 150 years. Red Wing delivers a diverse blend of arts, entertainment and activities for your pleasure. Enjoy a show at the historic Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre or observe the beauty of nature at one of Red Wing’s 38 parks. 
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Day 22
St. Paul, MN

[St-Paul Skyline] St. Paul is a thrilling place to end your adventure on the Mississippi River. History buffs will enjoy a walking tour of Summit Avenue, which showcases gorgeous historic mansions built in the late 1800’s. St. Paul’s enchanting art galleries, world class museums, and entertaining stage performances will capture your imagination. End the day by visiting Mounds Park, where visitors are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of the city. 

22 Days

This epic journey cruises the entire length of the Mississippi River from New Orleans, LA to St. Paul, MN. Visit 10 states in 22 days, even more than Huck Finn's famous trip down the Mississippi River, to experience a complete history of the western frontier.

Ports of Call: Oak Alley, Baton Rouge, St. Francisville, Natchez, Vicksburg, Memphis, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, Hannibal, La Crosse, Red Wing and more