Ocean Cruises

World Cruise - 5 continents, 27 countries, 120 days

Join Viking on our first-ever world cruise spanning five continents. Embark the brand-new Viking Sun and explore the world’s legendary cities, charming ports and idyllic islands on one seamless itinerary. Immerse yourself in the world’s  rich cultures — from Havana to Sydney, from Hong Kong to London — during included excursions that provide unmatched insight into daily life and Privileged Access visits to cultural institutions. Delve deeper with overnight stays in 12 magnificent cities. On board, Viking’s  Culture Curriculum® of lectures, entertainment and more enriches and enlightens. Join our  120-day cruise from Los Angeles to London, or add on our 21-day pre-cruise from Miami  for a 141-day epic journey.

Central American Shores  & Cuba

Experience an array of distinct western Caribbean ports. From Miami, cruise to Havana, Cuba, where an overnight stay lets you immerse yourself in the newly opened country’s colonial streets. Continue to Cozumel, Mexico, and the island nation of Belize, two renowned ports known for fascinating Mayan ruins and unmatched snorkeling in protected waters.



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Ultimate Antarctica 

Remote, pristine and undeniably beautiful, Antarctica is unlike any other place on Earth. A land of vast white icescapes, mountains that have never felt human footfall and an abundance of wildlife that will quite literally take your breath away.
Traveling to the base of the globe is a long-held dream for most people. This is your chance to explore the final frontier that is Antarctica, to go further and dream bigger and to do it in all-inclusive luxury on board the World’s First Discovery Yacht.

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See a list of  our favorite ocean cruises below for more details on the right cruise for you. Call for available dates and additional itinerary suggestions from one of our knowledgeable cruise experts. 


The Galapagos  & Amazon River

Consisting of 13 large and hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean off the western coast of South America, the Galápagos Islands, a region of Ecuador, are home to some of the world's most fascinating animal life. From Quito, Ecuador, fly to Baltra Island, then board your luxury yacht and cruise from island to island, encountering species found nowhere else in the world like giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, iguanas, and a whole host of diverse bird species. As you explore these remarkable volcanic isles firsthand, you'll discover the wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin.


The Pacific Northwest with its dense evergreen forest dropping into the Pacific Ocean is one of the most breathtaking sites in Northern America.  Whether you seek to sail the Columbia River, the Snake River, Alaska or beyond the Pacific Northwest is calling modern pioneers like you. See a list of our most popular Alaska & Pacific Northwest cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 

Ocean Cruises

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In Search of the Northern Lights

Experience a land where dawn and twilight merge on the edges of the long Arctic night. Cruising far north in Norway’s winter, witness what few others see: wondrous snow-dusted landscapes, cities hushed in slumber and the luminous aurora borealis dancing in the sky.