The Moselle River- France & Germany

The Moselle River is known as the river to cruise to indulge in the picturesque castles and sprawling vineyards of Europe! The Moselle is the longest tributary of the Rhine connecting France and Germany. Cruiser's interested in warm climates and sun filled days will enjoy all that this region has to offer. Be sure to pack your camera, there are no bad pictures to be taken on the Moselle. See a list of our most popular Moselle River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 

The popularity of river cruising truly began in Europe where waterways lead to seamless travel from one end of Europe to the other, allowing cruisers to experience both the most grand and the greatest hidden gems that Europe has to offer tucked along the river beds. Whether you're a lover of art, music or history, enjoy fine wine & fine dining or just have a heart for adventure, European waterways are waiting for you. See our full list of European Rivers below to choose your cruise! 

The Danube River - Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania 

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe only to the Volga and the most popular for both first-time & the experienced cruisers. The Danube River stretches from the Black Forest to the Black Sea brushing past ports in Vienna, Nuremberg, Budapest, Linz, Bucharest & more. A Danube River Cruise is truly the river for all, appealing to lovers of art, architecture, history, and fine cuisine. See a list of our most popularDanube River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 

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The Main River - Germany

The lands along the Main (m-I-ne) River are the epitome of German history and culture—medieval villages, quaint cottages and ancient castles line the slopes of this peaceful, wandering river.Winding across Central Germany, the Main River meets the Rhine River. A marvel of modern engineering, the Main-Danube canal stretches for a length of 106 miles from Bamberg to Regensburg, making it possible to travel via river cruise ship from the North Sea to the Black Sea. See a list of our most popular Main River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 


The Douro River -Spain & Portugal

Experience the “sunny side” of Europe, starting in radiant seaside Lisbon and following the Douro River through Portugal and into Spain. Feel the warm sun on your skin as you cruise past terraced hills, quaint villages and acres of ripe vineyards.  See a list of our most popular Douro River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information.

The Volga River -Russia

The Volga River Europe's longest river running the length of Russia connecting Moscow to St. Petersburg and was established by early Vikings as a major trade route. Russian ties to the Volga run strong and deep. The river enjoys mythological status, having been serenaded and honored in poems, paintings and music. See a list of our most popular Volga River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information.

​The Rivers of Europe

The Po River & Venice Lagoon - Italy

Uncover the extraordinary hidden treasures of Venice and Northern Italy on thisunforgettable all-inclusive, luxury river cruise through Italy.
You’ll encounter unforgettable sights on this odyssey through Northern Italy that begins in Milan, home to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and ends in legendary Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic.” These two iconic cities bookend an exploration of Northern Italy that rewards the curious traveler with amazing experiences in Verona, Padua, Bologna and Ferrara. 

​See Uniworld's Po River cruises or call our travel experts for more information.

The Seine River - France

The Seine River springs from picturesque Burgundy, France. It flows through the heart of "Sweet Paree" before threading its way through the orchards and fields-a-bloom in Normandy. Cruising along these waters combines the best of urban and rural French culture, from the burlesque cabarets of Paris to the sleepy medieval towns along the shoreline, and the breathtaking scenery in between.  See a list of our most popular Seine River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 

The Rivers of Europe

The Rivers of Europe

Europe is a vast and rich continent offering many breathtaking experiences from those seeking a relaxing getaway to the most adventuresome travelers all in one cruise. See a list of rivers below for more details on the right cruise for you. Call for available dates and additional itinerary suggestions from one of our knowledgeable cruise experts. 


The Rhine River - Netherlands, Switzerland, 

The Rhine River stretches from Amsterdam in the Netherlands meeting the Danube in the heart of the Black Forest. This creates the unique ability to travel the entire expanse of Europe from West to East in a single cruise! Visit Amsterdam, Basel & Cologne. Enjoy the majesty of the Swiss Alps for the comfort of your ship deck or a little cafe nestled at the base of a mountain. See a list of our most popularRhine River Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information, 

The Rhône River - France

The Rhône River winds its way from the scenic mountains of Switzerland through the heartland of France before finally flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.  The Rhône offers the perfect combination of natural and cultural wonders, so travelers can savor the sights as well as broaden their minds. The river has inspired centuries of impeccable French cuisine and laces through the most well-regarded vineyards of Burgundy & Provençe. See a list of our most popularRhone River  Cruises, or call our travel experts for more information.

The Elbe River- Czech Republic 

The Elbe River connects the North Sea to the Czech Republic meandering through much of Bohemia. It is one of the smallest cruising rivers in Europe but widely acclaimed as one of the most historically important. The Elbe leads cruisers to/from one of the world's most beautiful and highly desirable destinations, Prague. See The Elegant Elbe River Cruise, or call our travel experts for more information,