The Founder of Lark Tours  was born in the Great Karoo Desert of

South Africa in a little town called De Aar. At the age of eight his

family moved to Cape Town where he spent his years growing up.

After a series of events that led him to the Netherlands and Israel, he

eventually settled down in the U.S. Throughout all his life this family has

maintained his love for travel, and adventure.

This family originally brought years of invaluable business experience

to Lark Tours. Prior to being an entrepreneur the head of this family

was involved in operations management. He was instrumental in

implementing a quality improvement process, overseeing customer

service, and maintaining a safety program for a multi-national paper


The entire family has a passion for travel and one of the sons began

as a young adult when he set off on a number of do-it-yourself

adventures including hiking through Holland, Belgium, France, and

England, exploring sections of Europe by train, and completing

several extensive hikes on the Appalachian Trail. His greatest

experience, though, began in southern Africa where he lived and

traveled extensively in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,

Botswana, Swaziland, and more. This land of incredible beauty,

rich history, constant adventure, cultural diversity, and remarkable

wildlife became a favorite region of the world, so much so that

he co-founded Lark Tours. Now he enjoys returning to Africa on a

regular basis to develop new trips, to maintain and create business

relationships, and to accompany clients on vacation.

The founders & Travel Planners

Company Background

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​Lark Defined:

​lark|lärk| noun: something done for fun; an adventure or escapade

Dave Seaford - Team Leader

With over 30 years of travel planning & mission experience in Africa, Russia, Europe and the South Pacific, Dave brings a wealth of passion and expertise to the Lark Tours team. He has a Degree from N.C. State University in Administration & Planning, a Masters in Apologetics and a Doctorate in Practical Theology and graduated Sum Cum Laude. He is an expert on African Tribal Culture and Religions and has spoken at numerous Universities in both the USA and Southern Africa. 

Before coming to Lark Tours, Dave was a business owner, world traveler & pastor. His love for travel excellence, people, diversity, culture and history has allowed him to develop relationships that enhance the travel experience of all our guests. 

In 2014 Dave formed an alliance with a group of travel professionals that each have their specialty areas and eventually a Corporate team was born. Some of that team focus exclusively on Europe, some on Asia and yet others on exotic destinations like India, Australia and the South Pacific. Several members of our new team have done nothing in the travel industry but river cruises and like all our experts they can genuinely say that they have slept in the beds, eaten the food and taken the tours. Some even helped design the tours! Much more than travel agents that have done nothing more than surf the web for travel destinations or tour operators that have never taken the tours they sell, this group of experts each contribute their area of expertise and together are your professional travel concierge team. Welcome to the new Lark Tours - an experienced team that's not a world away!