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​Lark Defined:

​lark|lärk| noun: something done for fun; an adventure or escapade

Travel Insurance

At Lark Tours we firmly believe in ensuring your safety. While most vacations end in wonderful memories for years to come, it is still important to prepare for the unexpected. After all, it is not like any of us plan to have a mishap during our travels. While Lark Tours does not include comprehensive travel insurance as a part of the price of each of our scheduled vacations we highly encourage you to obtain a policy for your peace of mind. You can purchase this coverage through your Lark Tour's representative.


Passports and Visas

We’ve seen it too often … folks denied boarding on their flights or cruises because they forgot their passports at home or didn’t realize the paperwork was expired. It’s a sad event, but it does happen and leads to an inability to travel overseas. We don’t want that to happen and ruin your travel plans, so the information below is designed to help you avoid a disaster.


When traveling abroad, you must have a passport that will be valid at least six (6) months following your visit. Also, security is more stringent at airports these days, so the traveler’s name on the passport and airline ticket must match exactly or you may be denied boarding. For any issues or questions related to your passport or resident documentation, we advise you to contact the local U.S. (or home country's) Consulate Service for your unique circumstances.


There are some  Countries that require visas. Check the specific countries included in your tour and how visas are to be acquired for each. This specific information will be included in your Lark Tours Welcome Package. To simplify the process we recommend you contact CIBT whos specializes in travel visas and will assist you in acquiring one. CIBT, Inc. or 866-788-1100.

travel insurance - passports & visas