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Uniworld - Paris & Impressions of the Seine

A leisurely-paced cruise celebrating centuries of French history, culture and cuisine.

Journey through the countryside immortalized by some of the world’s most beloved artists on this 10-day Seine River cruise. Trace the footsteps of Van Gogh in the town where he spent the final months of his life. Admire the magnificent abbeys dating back to medieval times, or venture to see the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast. Discover the charming harbor of Honfleur or make a pilgrimage to the tragic D-Day beaches of WWII. More choices await in historic Rouen—explore the city’s colorful medieval past, or see it from Monet’s perspective and peruse the Fine Arts Museum. Stroll amongst the colorful blooms of Monet’s glorious gardens in Giverny, then embrace the cultural splendor of Paris. See the sites on a panoramic tour or a boat trip through the heart of the city, explore the trendy Marais neighborhood and visit the Jewish memorial, and savor Impressionist landscapes at the renowned Orsay Museum.